Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Julia/Julie ?!

Dear readers!!

Phew! I haven't got any readers to my blog since long ago :P I hadn't posted new either :) And today when i saw the Google doodle, it said that its "Julia Child's" 100th birthday today.Child was an American author,chef who introduced French cuisine to America and published a book named " Mastering the art of French cooking".I was attracted to this image and that lady's lovely smile and went on reading more.Why Julia Hated Julie

Julie Powell , an American author began to write in her blog about her attempts to cook all the recipes from Julia Child's French cuisine book. The readers were curious and the blog got its attention to numerous people.Julie published a book about her trails on this challenge on 'cooking the recipes from Child's book within a year'. "365 days , 524 recipes and 1 tiny apartment kitchen" is the book..And following that, a movie has been taken ,starred by Meryl streep and Amy Adams (I love her 'Enchanted' movie) based on this blogger Julie Powell and her challenge.It was told that Julia was unhappy with the blogger and said its not easy to try all those recipes in a short period. Hold on , A movie about a blogger (hehe blogger ,,the word stressed here means not the ones like me posting once in a while!! ), interesting, Isn't it? I had this thought ," people go to places doing things which they think are valuable and interesting" .Everyone have got their own talents and rewards , that need not to be universal.They know which can enlighten them. hehe? Com'on ..I mean it.. :)

People who haven't heard their music inside, do find it .. and those who do your DIYs ,Dont be afraid to take risk and don't let your confidence down.

When I started this post, I thought to enter a humorous post which turned out like this.Bear it. Now once again do u people believe in "If i try my favourite chef's recipes as a challenge and write down a book,will tat be a hit? "hehe.Can i try ? A quick and big 'No' will be coming from the victim of my trails..;) Ahem, not that much worse ,my recipes were.U can trust me :D
Might the story be old, I read it just before and gonna watch the movie :)

Btw, Laura Vitale from the "Laura in the Kitchen" is my inspiration nowadays :) wow! She s lovely in making dishes and her sweet accent.I tried few of her recipes and the making of Cinnamon rolls was a big hit :) (proud ! Ahem) Dont ask me about the hard pizzas(so called ) and unshaped cupcakes I tried. Once in a while, We fail too.Right? ;)


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yeah..Really I miss them...

I call my friends at two great moments, one is when i had heart full of achievements, to enjoy the success with them,or at some vetti times too :P and the second one is when I lost , to feel and cry on their shoulder ?? ! hehe nope, to have a goof up treat...

The so called goof up treat s what we found to treat ourselves in the near by restaurant while we were tired of training tests, the scores, the failed attempts.. hehe.What we do is we go there, really laugh at what we have done, most often she laughs at me for my childish cries over the fails and we enjoy having dinner there.. And on the go that happened to be a habit.Whatever, goof ups gonna happen more often than the success stories.So we set the treat for that. :P I miss those days .But now too, I call my friends when I feel low and we know that we ll be recharged sure.For, we dont seek for solutions but we have a chat .. thats enough ...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Kitchen

I have lots n lots of free time nowadays ..sailing with the time tide ... till i get into my next responsibility my mind goes with "learning something new".. As a splendid home maker, most of my times runs with kitchen , interior deco (hehe atleast i think of doing something n hang it here n there )..
Let me put in the next few posts my art works and courageous kitchen attempts..Thanks dear ones for your constant boost :D

Expecting your nice replies..
My First cake..
After getting this nice only, i got nerve to try out new recipes.. kudos to first cake :P

Second was few days later ... tried with chocolate flavour.. :)

(Dont ask me the slice.. :P )

The moment i open the cake to check it whether it came well,, tensed with not to get it overburnt
wow!!! wen i see it with the perfect texture and softness , i do smile and had a lil pride abt my cake:P phew I tried a third cake too .. hehe that dont come into picture.. because i couldn make it .. good time u din click my face that time :P

will meet you next time with new attempt .. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009


Have u known about these catacombs???!!

i came across this word recently,and got some details n they are.........(sshh...listen silently..it was a thrill story where i came to know this catacomb.......)

Catacombs are ancient, human-made underground passageways or subterranean cemeteries.Many are under cities and have served during historic times as a refuge for safety during wars.. there are catacombs around the world..some examples are catacombs of Paris and Rome..
There are thousands of decorations in the centuries old catacombs of rome and paris and other known and unknown catacombs, some of which include inscriptions, paintings and statues among other things such as ornaments which were placed in the graves over the years. Most of these decorations were used to identify, immortalize, and to show respect to the dead.

Catacombs of Paris

There are catacombs around the world above which stand the world's famous cities like London,Vienna,Paris,Rome,etc...
The time is moving so fast letting things behind and mostly we were unaware....
It s the constant thing that "things will change".........

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

எழுத்தாளர் கல்கி அவர்களின் சில படைப்புகள் இணையத்தில் ........

தமிழில் வரலாற்று நாவல்களின் ரசிகர்களில் நானும் உண்டு ..... கல்கி அவர்களின் படைப்புகளை இணையத்தில் கண்டேன் .... மேற்கண்ட முகவரியிலும் படித்து மகிழலாம்....[நூலகம் செல்ல நேரம் இல்லாத பிசியான வர்களுக்கு :):) ]